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Do cats dream?

A youthful, would-be David Attenborough, visiting my household not long ago, asked me "do cats dream?"
Have you ever wondered irrespective of whether a sleeping cat is acquiring dreams? And if that's the case, what they are dreaming about?
Do cats dream? Can we know for sure?
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Do animals dream?
The answer is just about unquestionably yes, if my cat Bandit is anything at all to go by. I've watched him for hrs, why cats purr deep in rest, a cat dreaming of … who understands what?
Mountains of meals? Mice, frogs, squirrels? Canines - or foxes, probably?
A little fanciful, I understand, but he does appear to have vivid and at times even alarming dreams.
His breathing gets quicker
His nose and whiskers twitch
His ears quiver
His claws extend and flex
His teeth chatter
He licks his lips
His eyes roll
His paws seem as if they're running
These things don't always take place all together, and of course any considered one of them by itself could have already been due to something else totally - indigestion perhaps, or nerve twitches, or itchy skin.

Do other owners think their cat dreams?
When I've mentioned this to other cat owners, the vast majority of them have said they considered they'd sometimes observed their cat dreaming.
The vast majority of them also can checklist reasons why they think this happens, much like the indicators I've shown above. And dog owners I know also say they think their dogs have dreams and chase issues within their sleep.Why Do Cats Knead

What do the scientists say?
Scientists associated with learning sleeping animals have utilised EEGs to measure brain activity, and identified from this that animals shell out a fair amount of time in REM sleep.
REM, or speedy eye movement rest is definitely the phase of sleep for the duration of which people have already been shown to dream, so it is tempting to suppose that animals respond while in the exact same way.
The scientists also discovered that REM sleep in animals was accompanied by many of the activities I listed, so the general feeling, at least for your moment, is that animals do dream.

Do cats dream? A positive sign
For me, the clincher is the fact that along with the indicators I listed earlier, when my cat's asleep the fur on his back sometimes stands on end and his tail puffs up to twice its typical size.
This is a positive sign that a cat is frightened or disturbed by a thing, so for me this was all of the proof I required that cats dream, as he appeared to be visualizing some thing he was afraid or wary of.
Sadly, what a cat dreams about is, not surprisingly, one thing that we'll possibly hardly ever know.


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